Industrial Curtains/ Curtain Walls

Regardless of your application for industrial curtains, RECMAR can collaborate to design and install the curtains that best meets your needs. Curtain walls can serve a retractable barriers, offering a flexible and adjustable alternative to permanent walls. Using these industrial curtains as partitions offer a number of advantages.

  • Easily creates privacy or conceals unsightly areas
  • Offers a wall that can quickly be deployed or removed
  • Easily slide open or closed
  • Help control light, noise / sound, temperature, humidity, contaminants, over spray, insects and other pests
  • Economical option that can be quickly procured and installed
  • Offers security

Applications include manufacturing plants, paint and body shops, aircraft hangers, kiosks, wash down bays, welding booths, paint booths, woodworking shops, offices, retail stores, churches, conference centers, stadiums, arenas, garages, and outdoor uses.

Because each application is different, please contact one of our customer service experts to discuss your needs and design the optimal solution for your project.