3290 Aluminum Curtain Track

3290 Aluminum Curtain Track

RECMAR 3290 Aluminum Curtain Track - 84"

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RECMAR 3290 Curtain Track is a unique system. This channel track combines the functionality of a C-Channel with the mounting options of an I-Beam. Excellent for lightweight curtain applications and can be bent down to a four inch radius*. Tracks can be mounted end to end for longer lengths using RECMAR 4128 Ceiling Splicer.

  • Ceiling or Wall Mount
  • Aluminum 6063 T5
  • Colors: Silver
  • Length: 84”
  • Bendable*
  • Dimensions: 0.33” Wide x 0.4” Tall
  • Channel Opening: 0.15”
  • Compatible Products: 3030 End Stop, 3032 End Cap with Loop, 3040 Tail Slide, 3042 T Glide, 3050 Eye Slide, 3060 Snap Glide, 3082 Retainer Catch, 3089 Tail Slide Tape, 3091 Snap Tape, 4124 Wall Bracket, 4126 Ceiling Bracket, 4128 Splicer, 4144 Wall Bracket, 8120 Snap Carrier

*Bending aluminum tracks outside of those classified as flexible tracks requires bending equipment and nylon inserts to avoid crimping. Track cannot be hand bent effectively.