Residential Curtain Tracks

residential curtain tracksThe wide range of drapery hardware options available across RECMAR’s product line assures that virtually any curtain track need can be met. Whether is mounting floor to ceiling decorative draperies and sheers in a condo with 84003 ball bearing carrier track, using the 6100 flexible track to mount a curtain on a bay window, or the 4108 I beam track for an angled track around a claw foot tub, RECMAR can put you on the right track. The hardware can also be used for a wide range of creative uses as well, including curtains “doors” for closets and cabinets, arts displays, or even RECMAR’s 0500 Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit that mounts the holiday stockings under fireplace mantles.

RECMAR’s curtain track systems are commonly used for:

  • Window Curtains and Draperies
  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtains
  • Room Dividers
  • Closet and Cabinet Enclosures
  • Home Theaters
  • Mosquito Screens
  • Solar Screens