Custom Aluminum & Vinyl Extrusions

While RECMAR lists a wide array of extrusions designed for airplanes and other aircraft, we realize every project may require a specific extrusion profile to meet an exact need. We have the ability to quickly bring a new aluminum or vinyl extrusion into production. Proprietary tooling is available, meaning you own exclusive rights to the use of the extrusion die. Our tooling lead times are typically short, and we have the ability to provide anodizing or virtually any sort of finish to the part upon request. Our tooling experts can also provide feedback on any design element that may make an extrusion infeasible for reliable production. Let us work with you to transition your extrusion from the design phase to production. We are also happy to transition a part that is currently being produced by another supplier under our management to address any deficiency you may currently be experiencing, including quality, pricing, or on time delivery issues.

Our track record within the aircraft industry and our quality certifications help to earn our customers trust. Once we engage with our customers, we go the extra mile to meet our customer’s needs and serve as the only supplier needed.