Privacy Cubicle Curtains

Also commonly referred to as Hospital Curtains because people most often see them in use in a hospital or medical setting, Privacy Cubicle Curtains provide great flexibility to subdivide open spaces, provide removable barriers, and offer privacy in a wide range of applications. Some of the many applications for Privacy Cubicle Curtains include room dividers, curtain doors, changing rooms, trade show booths, and as a means to conceal areas like storage areas or kiosks that are not in use.

Privacy Cubicle Curtains typically have either grommets or snap tape across the top in order to easily attach the curtains to the curtain track hardware. Privacy Cubicle Curtains used in commercial settings are often required to have mesh tops to as not to impede the flow of sprinkler systems in the event of a fire. Fabrics offered for these Privacy Cubicle Curtains are Fire Retardant (FR) to meet code.