RV Curtain Tracks

RV Curtain TracksMany of RECMAR Products’ curtain track systems are popular choices for manufacturers of Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, and Campers. Because the window curtains in RVs are relatively small, that allows for small curtain track hardware to be used. These smaller systems are lighter and provide a lower profile, both desirable attributes in the RV industry. In addition to window curtains, RECMAR’s curtain tracks are used for Windshield Curtains, Shower Curtains, Divider Curtains, Bunk Curtains as well as Airstream Curtain Tracks. RECMAR can provide OEMs with custom bending of windshield tracks to ensure an exact fit for any RV model. Our staff is happy to work with RV designers and engineers as new designs are being developed to ensure the hardware achieves all the prescribed goals.