Customers should select the overall curtain height desired and RECMAR will make allowances for mesh. The mesh used is approximately 20”. Cubicle curtains are made with 100% polyester mesh and triple folded with lock stitching to create a secure top hem. Curtains without mesh are also available. Nickel plated rust proof brass grommets also extend product life and are spaced 6” on center. Snap tape is an alternative to grommets as a means to attach the curtain to the hardware. A permanent stiffener is used in side hems of mesh to provide a straight edge corner. Mesh and fabric are joined using a hem on the mesh that has double needle stitching. Felled panel seams provide a tailored appearance on both sides of the curtain. Side and bottom hems feature double folded 1” lock stitched dual needle construction. Every curtain is tagged with cut width, length, and care instructions.

Polyester is the best fabric for cubicle curtains. However, most polyesters will not tailor out 100% pucker free at the seams and hems. This condition is an inherent quality of polyester. Please note that any puckering of fabrics may require touch up with a hand iron.