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October 25, 2016 No comments

This captivating image of John F. Kennedy deep in thought aboard Air Force One in the 60’s offers a glimpse into the styles of the era. It also serves as a reminder of what presidential leadership used to evoke as we navigate through this crazy campaign season.

During that time, it was common for commercial airliners and smaller airplanes to have curtains as a feature of the interior design. These curtains were often mounted on tracks both at the top and bottom to help maintain their position and better block light. While many aircraft interiors now utilize shades built into the windows, there is still an appeal to the use of window treatments and curtains to soften the feel of the cabin.

RECMAR Products offers a full line of curtain tracks that have been used in airplanes for years. These products were sold to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and are now also sold to companies that specialize in refurbishing the interiors of aircraft. Whether the refurbs are a throwback to yesteryear or modern designs that incorporate curtains, our Galietti line of aluminum extrusions are designed to meet the needs of the airplane industry and have been doing so for over 50 years. These products range from curtain tracks to panel and headliner retainers.

Feel free to speak with one of our product experts to help identify the aircraft interior extrusion that will best suit your needs. Whether it’s a single stick or whether you are shifting into mass production, RECMAR has got your covered.