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RECMAR Earns 10 PPM Award from PACCAR for 2017
June 1, 2018 No comments

For the second year in a row, RECMAR Products has earned the prestigious 10 PMM Quality award from PACCAR.

"PACCAR annually recognizes excellent suppliers who meet or exceed PACCAR’s rigorous “10 ppm” quality standard. To be recognized, a supplier must operate near perfection – 10 or fewer defective parts for every million parts shipped to PACCAR. These suppliers must also meet performance criteria for on-time delivery and support of PACCAR’s operating divisions and their customers."

These awards are based on a combination of the quality of delivered products, as well as the timeliness of the delivery and avoidance of warranty claims after the products are in use by the end customers. This is the tenth time RECMAR has earned this recognition as a top supplier to this leading truck manufacturer. Prior to 2016, the qualification level was set at 50 parts per million (PPM). It is a credit to the fine men and women who work here at RECMAR, doing a wonderful job to meet the needs of our customers. Job well done.

For more information on RECMAR's Quality Program, visit out website. The entire list of 10 PPM suppliers to PACCAR for 2017 can be seen here.